As a composer, Pete has written production music for KPM (EMI), as well as music for television, dance, corporate and educational use. Pete’s music has been used on media outlets around the world as well as BBC 1 and Channel 4 in the UK. The sound world of Pete’s band Acoustic Earth reflects the intimate, ethereal and eclectic nature of his writing: wistful and subtle but with the rhythms of pop, rock, world and jazz never far away from the melodic surface.

About Slow Motion Sleeper

The work is in three movements played without a break. In the opening movement a rhythmic guitar motif drives the beginning of the journey as the flute introduces the basic building block of the piece, an interval of a seventh. As the movement progresses, the double basses begin to function as the fourth member of Acoustic Earth, providing bass lines for the group’s lively interplay. The orchestra becomes more animated towards the end of the first movement as the rhythmic guitar motif turns into an insistent and increasingly dissonant force, eventually crumbling into a quiet passage that leads into the middle, slow movement. Here all is still, as the flute, now an alto flute and later bass flute, has the spotlight, accompanied by gentle, delicate textures in the orchestral strings. The last movement, the longest of the three, constantly threatens to become a mad jig but the orchestra and soloists manage to twist and turn the material away from this course. Towards the end there is a short cadenza featuring the trio recapitulating the third movement’s material before an increasingly furious section leading to a brilliant and wild ending.