Acoustic Earth

Acoustic Earth came together in 2010 as the result of Pete and Andy working together on the London stage show Lord of the Rings. Amid the huge orchestral and percussive sounds in the show, quiet reflective moments featuring Andy on ethnic flutes and Pete on acoustic guitar, gave Pete the initial spark of inspiration for Acoustic Earth. Drawn to the ancient Irish folk melodies of Turlough Carolan, Pete set about reworking these tunes around the pop, jazz and world influences and playing styles of himself, Andy and percussionist James Turner. The result was the CD Travelling Man, a set of 14 tunes with Pete’s compositions sitting side by side with his Carolan arrangements. The 2013 EP Head Over Heels, with an expanded line-up of Lorna Want on vocals and Rory McFarlane on bass, shows the band exploring a more pop sensibility whilst retaining their world music influences.